Egyptian Steatite Scarab Pendant from the 18th-20th Dynasty

Egyptian Pendant  – chain not included

Origin: 18th- 20th New Kingdom Dynasty

Date: 1570-1070 B.C.

Frame Metal: 14 Karat





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The Steatite Scarab with green-blue glaze in this pendant is an ancient Egyptian artefact, carved during the 18th-20th Dynasty. The ancient Egyptians believed that the scarab (beetle) held the secret of eternal life and these amulets were fashioned into all types of jewellery to be worn as symbols of good fortune. This ancient Egyptian artefact was carved during the New Kingdom period of 1570-1070 B.C.


The nicely incised base shows a decorative design probably made during the reign of Horemheb 1312- 1293 B. C., just following that of Tutankhamen 1334-1325 B.C.


The 14K yellow gold pendant was designed and created by Walker Christopher Goldsmiths Ltd.