Ancient Egyptian Scarab Ring


Egyptian Scarab Flip (reversible) Ring

Origin: Egyptian

Date:1782-1555 BC (13th to 16th Dynasty)

Metal: Steatite

Frame Metal: 14 Karat







This is one of the largest privately-owned scarab collections offered in modern times. Mr. Phillip E. Mitry began working in the Anglo- American bookshop in the mid- 1920s (the shop was established in 1869 and located at 55 Gomhouria St. in downtown Cairo just across the street from the famous Shepheard Hotel). Mitry began purchasing antique jewelry shortly after being employed at the bookstore, eventually convincing the owners to offer antiques for sale. Eventually, Mitry purchased the shop and added the name “and Antique store”. As Mitry’s Collection grew, he installed a small museum and frequently conferred with archaeologists, historians, museum curators and other notables in the antique field (including professionals from the Cairo Museum). A license was issued by the Egyptian government registering Mitry as an antique dealer allowing him to include certificates documenting the authenticity of pieces as they were sold. Mitry sold his business in the 1950s and moved his family to the US. The larger pieces in the collection were sold off over the years, but the scarab collection remained essentially intact (the collection contains a relatively small percentage of other types of amulets, small bronzes, seals, ring faces, assorted high-karat gold jewelry incorporating ancient scarabs & amulets, several pieces of ancient jewelry, and several rare necklaces). Much of the attribution of this offering had been completed by Mitry before his death in 1980.